"Very good location. Staffs are very nice and helpful. Also, security is very good as well"
Davy, Malaysian Chinese, June 2007

"Very friendly and hospitable!"
Gary Chak, Canadian, June 2007

"Nice hotel, good service, nice and friendly people!!!"
Louise Baudoin, Dutch, June 2007

"Very good service! Very friendly staff! Felt like home! Hope to be back soon!"
Shivina, Indian, May 2007

"Good location, had a nice great stay here."
Loo Wye Ming, Malaysian, May 2007

"Good location"
Simon Lee, New Zealand, May 2007

"Had a nice, great stay here. The ambiance is excellent! Staffs are friendly and helpful. Way to go! "
Winnie Lee, Malaysian, May 2007

"George your establishment is 1st class! Thank you for the hospitality and generosity."
CJ Archer, USA, May 2007

"Very nice and comfortable place. Friendly staff and owner"
Rachelle Enriquez & co, Filipino, May 2007

"Very nice place"
Yong Yew Kong, Malaysian, April 2007

"I love this place"
Judy S. Mingkong, Malaysian, April 2007

"Very much at home. I will miss this place. Will be back."
Evelene S. Mingkong, Malaysian, April 2007

"I really love tis place!! I'm gonna miss ur place!!"
Madelyne Nandu , Malaysian, April 2007 (Miss Sabah 2007)

"Very comfortable"
Edwina Markus, Malaysian, April 2007

"I am so excited! Good Hotel!"
Hiroki Nagashima, Japan, April 2007

"I support the concept. It really show true native of Sabahan"
Ramie, Malaysian, April 2007

"Very unique! Shows the native concept on Sabah. Keep it up and all the best!"
Leo Gaudiel, JR, Malaysian, April 2007

"Dear Hamin Lodge...Maraming Salamat for the great accommodation! It was a pleasure meeting all of you! We wish you the continued success! All the best! Hope to see you all again!...Your Filipino friends....Carlo & Annie"
Carlo & Annie, Filipino, April 2007

"Nicely display. Mixture of wooden & bamboo type. Comfortable."
Harkrishnan Singh, Malaysian, April 2007

"Just like what i want. Cheers"
Joseph Bong, Malaysian, April 2007

"Great! :)"
Aileen and Zeny Palmes, Filipino, April 2007

"Must stay!!"
Christopher, Malaysian, April 2007

"Check out!"
Noor Alwani, Malaysian, April 2007

"I was feeling at home"
Joe Kurpics, German, April 2007

"It was lovely, we'll be back"
Aghajai/Stoll/Schulz, German, April 2007

"Wonderful staying! Nice people. Thanks a lot"
H. Park, South Korea, April 2007

"Relaxing & quaint"
Govender Kesigan, Australian, April 2007

"Lovely place full of charm. Be back next year!"
Leslie Seymour, British, April 2007

"The staffs are so funny!"
Ming, Hong Kong, April 2007

"Nice staffs. Nice rooms. Nice price."
Wong, Malaysian, April 2007

"Great staff!! nice room too!"
Geng Jacildone, Filipino, April 2007

"Very nice staff. Clean and fresh rooms for a good price! Thank you!"
Carola Sandberg, Sweden, March 2007

Risnina, Bruneian, March 2007

"I'm satisfied with the service of the Hamin Lodge. Thank you very much."
Yan Lin, China, March 2007

Ya Wang, China, March 2007

"Great place, decorations are nice, clean. Great time."
Loy Tak Mem, Malaysian, March 2007

"Lovely Place!!"
Ooi En Geen, Malaysian, March 2007

"Highly Recommended. Try the massage!"
Johnny Chong, Malaysian, March 2007

"Friendly, efficient & accommodating! Top recommendation! Luv it!"
Choo Li Ann, Malaysian, March 2007

"Friendly People! Great personal touches. Thanks!"
Karen Teo, Malaysian, March 2007

"Great place to stay. Friendly Staffs! Thank You."
Lee Yee Leng, Malaysian, March 2007

"Friendly members, good deco & good service"
Yuana & Azwi, Malaysian, March 2007

"Very nice, many thanks"
Cindy Brownirgg, USA, March 2007

"Good and best room!"
Luthfi, Malaysian, March 2007

"Very warm place in the midst of the city. They demonstrate conservation with the material they use"
Vinay Nare, Indian, March 2007

"Very nice place & hospitality. Friendly staff. Thank for Dave, Mark & Arthur see you again someday in Bumi Kenyalang !"
Comnie & Julian, Malaysian, March 2007

"Excellent service and lovely place to stay"
Kelly and Jamie Annett, British, March 2007

"Jenny, Audry…Our stay at the Hamin Lodge was great!!!, Thank you for all the assistance with our travel and stay. If I have any friends going to KK I will let them know about the great service at the Hamin Lodge. Again, Thank you for everything.
Dave B, UAE, February 2007

"Good, lack of English at counters but not a problem. But very friendly"
Mark Hesho, New Zealand, February 2007

"Your kindness & warm hospitality made my 1st visit to Sabah feel like a home coming. Thank you"
Sylvain Bergerun, Canadian, February 2007

"So nice, Thank you"
Wani, Malaysian, February 2007

"Friendly staff and nice K.K Island, nice hotel"
Nattacha Chiueathoug, Thailand, February 2007

"Very nice K.K, island and this hotel too."
Hiroki Katayama, Japan, February 2007

"Friendly staff, clean and happy to be here… Terima Kasih"
Naomi, Japan, February 2007

"It is very comfortable & enjoyable to be friends with the staff. Thank you for your kindness"
Alex Baker, Malaysian, February 2007

"Great place, wonderful service"
David, Hungary, January 2007

"This hostel is okay"
Fazekas Kalman, Malaysian, January 2007

"This hostel is great! Very strategic location, good service. See you we'Il be back"
Lye Keok Wah, Malaysian, January 2007

"We had a really good time in KK, hostel was great & trips were fab. See you again!"
Lyndsay Byres & Damir Rajic, UK, January 2007

"Very convenient, Friendly. Thank you."
Philippa Welfare, UK, January 2007

"Is my first time to stay here! It is very nice! Thank you."
Jay Ng Han Sing, Malaysian, January 2007

"Helpful and friendly staff. Easy and clean place"
Keeven Yit, Malaysian, December 2006

"Nice place. Long stays enable me to play golf everyday and will recommend to my friends!"
Takashi Tomita, Japanese, October - December 2006

"Splendid! Relax environment concept"
Abd. Mateen, Brunei, December2006

"Excellent service and good entertainer"
Kevin Kara & Soni, Malaysian, December 2006

"Nice, cozy and peaceful. Keep up the good work!"
Sudhir A/L AK Kumaren, Malaysian, November 2006

"Really friendly, clean place to stay. KK was brilliant."
Victoria, Elly and Serene, British, November 2006"

"A really lovely place, very clean, very friendly and helpful staff. They have a lot to offer and need to tell you during our stay"
Amanda & Tony Vanderheide, British, November 2006

"Good view and site-seeing"
Illenggo A/L Ramiah, Malaysian, November 2006

"Please provide TV set. No problem if charge a bit more"
Malek Bin Mohd Din, Malaysian, November 2006

"Great atmosphere, character, Good staff and Beds"
Mark Curtis, UK, November 2006

"Toppen stalle foruton dan harda sangarna, 4 Stars."
Stiffe & Annelie, Sweden, October 2006

"Good place to relax and release tension"
Clare Michael Tivit, Malaysian, October 2006

"Very nice place and people"
William Galpin, New Zealand, October 2006

"Great place. Really enjoyed our stay & will recommend to friends!"
Claire Henderson, Australian

"Very splendid décor. Lovely place. Will recommend"
October & Ed Palmer, UK, September 2006

"Comfortable place to stay. Enjoyable…"
Ismail Jais, Brunei, September 2006

Taiji Karashi, Japanese, September 2006

"OK bah"
Sahadan Bin Bukag, Malaysian, August 2006

"Will recommend!"
John Geenen & Neike, Netherlands, August 2006

"Extraordinary! Keep it up!"
Rosli Mohd Nor, Malaysian, August 2006

"Very impressive. Decorations matching those of 5 stars. Sure success."
P. S. Wong, Malaysian, August 2006

"A job well done! Congratulations and all the best"
Jeremy Schluter, Australian, August 2006