''Tamu'' meaning "meeting place", is an event in Sabah where every Sunday, traders from every corner of Sabah gather in an area to trade. Kota Belud, 70km North East of the capital city Kota Kinabalu, holds one of the biggest Tamu in Sabah. The journey to Kota Belud  is an hour away from Kota Kinabalu. Passing through Tuaran, home of the Lotud community, enjoy the paddy field scene along the Tuaran road. You'll also have the chance to meet the famous Cowboys of the east, Bajaus, being the second largest indigenous group in Sabah, mostly now living in Kota Belud. Bajaus, earning their nickname due to their inheritances of horsemen skills. Every once a year, Kota Belud will be the host for the "Tamu Besar", which is the biggest Tamu held in Sabah. Check the event listing to see when this year's Tamu Besar Kota Belud will take place.

Tour Schedule
Depart from Hamin Lodge. Enjoy the panoramic journey along the way to Kota Belud. 
Arrive at Kota Belud Sunday Market. Discover locals stuffs and cultures. Don't miss the colourful cultural show perform by locals.
Enjoy sightseeing trip around Kota Belud. Enjoy lunch at Tun Fuad Restaurant served by locals.

Schedule may be subjected to change due to unforeseen circumstances or weather

Tour package includes

Return ground transfer, Certified English Speaking Tour Guide & lunch.

Tour package exclude

Insect repellent, sun block, cap / hat, suitable walking shoe, video / camera & personal gratuity.

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