Take a step into the past, to the days of head hunting and spirit worshiping. Monsopiad Cultural Village is an adventure that will take you to the culture and lifestyle of the native Kadazandusun. You will know more of the Kadazan's high priestess, Bobohizan who plays a very important role in the daily life of Kadazan natives. Know more of the life and times of the famed Warrior Monsopiad and his 42 "trophies". Monsopiad Cultural Village, erected by Monsopiad's direct descendent of the 6th generation to commemorate his honour and glory as a legend of the Kadazandusun.

Tour Schedule


Depart from Hamin Lodge to Monsopiad Cultural Village. Driving through the Petagas War Memorial, which was built to honor those killed during the WWII


Arrive at Monsopiad Cultural Village. The tour takes you past the paddy field to Kampong Kuai, which sits on the banks of Penampang River. The Monsopiad Cultural Village features The House of Skulls, cultural dance of the Sumazau and other dance of Sabah Native tribe and a chance to dance with the folks.


Transfer back to Hamin Lodge.

Schedule may be subjected to change due to unforeseen circumstances or weather

Tour package includes

Return lands transfer, English speaking guide, Entrance fee.

Things to brings (during tour commencing)

Walking shoes, sun block,  camera or video and extra cash for other purchase during the tour.

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