One hundred thirty eight kilometers from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, rises the majestic Mount Kinabalu with its peak at 4,095M(and growing). Mount Kinabalu is the highest mountain in South East Asia and has became a World Heritage Site. Despite its intimidating size, Mount Kinabalu is also known for its natural beauty and exotic flora & fauna. No special skills and equipment are required to climb Mount Kinabalu and each year thousand of visitors undertake the expedition, which takes two days to conquer Mount Kinabalu.

Tour Schedule

Day 1, 0700 hour

Departure from Hamin Lodge to Kinabalu Park Head Quarters as soon as you have your breakfast. As the two hour journey proceed, enjoy the countryside scenic along the way. After registration is done, rendezvous with one of the assigned mountain guide & proceed to Timpohon Gate where your journey to the mountain hut accommodations begins. Upon arrival at mountain the hut, feel the atmosphere of being in the altitude of 3,200M above sea level. Freedom of leisure is yours & stay overnight at the mountain hut to begin tomorrow's’ journey.
Day 2, 0130 hour - 0300 hour
Rendezvous with your Mt. Guide & make your way to the summit located at 4,095M above sea level. Upon arrival at Sayat-Sayat, take a short break whilst you are being registered by your mountain guide. Continue your journey to the summit. On your way, witness the majestic sunrise & breathtaking scenery surrounding Mount Kinabalu. Once you’ve descended. A certificate will be presented by your mountain guide. As your journey has come to an end, need not worry as you will be transported back to Hamin Lodge by your appropriate tour-agent. Estimated time of arrival at Hamin Lodge is at 1800hrs.

Schedule may be subjected to change due to unforeseen circumstances or weather

Tour package includes

return trips transportation, registered English speaking Tour Guide (not climbing), a professional mountain guide (assign by Sabah Park), safety insurance, accommodation, climbing permit & a certificate.

Recommended gears & checklist

Long sleeve/warm clothes, change of cloth, suitable hiking shoes, second pair of shoes/sandals, proper gloves, hat, mask or a snow cap, extra socks, proper rain/wind gear, towel, toothbrush, toilet roll, sun block, lip gloss, insect repellent, plaster (cut & blister), deep heat lotion, plastic bags (for wet clothes etc), binocular, camera, headlight, fresh batteries, high energy food (chocolate, nuts, raisins etc) water bottle & personal medication.

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